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My devotion to natural landscapes is apparent in my photographs. Although I enjoy expansive views, more often I am attracted to intimate landscapes that enable me to express more of a personal vision. In a way, excluding a recognizable location in intimate landscapes makes compositions timeless and universal.

When photographing, I am drawn to interesting light, before I choose my subject. The light and atmosphere I try to capture in my photographs often create sentimental impact and ethereal feeling. I always look for exciting light and atmospheric conditions, balance of stillness and movement, and interesting patterns and color. The mood in my photographs evokes emotions, enabling viewers to sense tranquility and calmness of dawn and experience a moment in time. Mist and fog allow for motivating compositions and interpretations, leaving distracting elements out and leaving only the essence. They help to isolate myself from larger surroundings, allowing me to feel, focus, and connect with a subject.

My images speak about solitude and personal experience and feelings, when surrounded by trees in Yosemite Valley, watching migrating birds take off at the San Joaquin Valley wetlands, seeing the mist rising at sunrise, or witnessing dancing fog at the coast, at sunset. When photographing, I feel at peace with nature.



Born and raised in Croatia, fine art photographer Franka M. Gabler developed a strong fascination and admiration for nature early in life. Moving to California in 1997, and soon after experiencing her first wilderness backpacking trip in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, Franka fell in love with the amazing landscapes before her. Now spending as much time as possible hiking and exploring wilderness areas, Franka always carries her camera and tripod, capturing and documenting her impressions.

She currently lives in the Sierra foothills, in the small mountain town of Coarsegold, not far from Yosemite National Park. Photography is her passion. While photographing, she feels at peace with nature.

Franka’s photographs are published in Photographer’s Forum magazine’s “The Best of Photography 2010” book, Yosemite Conservancy Magazine, Yosemite Sierra Visitors Guide, and "Photographing California" Vol. 1 - photography book by Gary Crabbe. Her work was featured in numerous exhibits in California and beyond. Her work is represented in private collections throughout the United States and abroad.

She is affiliated with Stellar Gallery in Oakhurst and Spectrum fine art gallery in Fresno, CA.

She has a career as a scientist, and holds Ph.D. in Plant Pathology.

Franka M. Gabler



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